Youth Safety & Training Course

Start your children on the right path with professional firearm safety and marksmanship instruction!

Firearms can be a great hobby and tool to have, but using them safely is of the upmost importance, especially when it comes to our youth.The best way to lessen the chance of accidental or careless shooting accidents in America is through education, not by banning guns. Americans must become educated about firearms and they must educate their children, so they know what to do and what not to do when they come into contact with a firearm.

Shooter’s Station Arms Youth Safety & Training Course Ages 10-15, is an introduction to safe firearms handling that outline what to do when a child finds a firearm or their friend is playing with one, how to safely resolve situations involving firearms, and finally how to operate and safely shoot a 22-caliber rifle.

Youth Shooters will be accompanied by a Certified Firearm Instructor and a Range Safety Officer at ALL times. The safety of your children is our number one priority.

Fundamentals of Shooting – Firearms Safety – Firearm and Ammo Provided

Course Learning Points
  • Firearm safety and handling
  • Types of firearms and ammunition
  • Shooting range ethics and manners
  • What to do if there is a gun around
  • Basic shooting techniques
  • Firearm proficiency (stance, grip, breathing, etc.)
  • 11-12 Safety Instruction
  • 12-12:30 Provided Lunch
  • 12:30-2 Shooting Range
April 2021
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